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Eric: 23 (First Mate) Eric is planning on graduating from the University of Colorado with a BS degree in mechanical engineering with a minor in biology in May, 1999. When he is home here on Maui, he likes to surf, skimboard, and wind surf. When he is in Colorado, Eric snow boards and rock climbs. He has a number of admirers of the opposite sex but no steady girlfriend at this time. He plans on sailing Peace and Aloha until at least New Zealand. Eric plans on attending graduate school most likely at the University of Hawaii when he returns from his sailing adventures.

Jason: 25 (Mate) Jason graduated recently from Maui Community College with Associate's degrees in food service and liberal arts. He is presently working for the County of Maui in the parks department maintaining the many park areas in and near Wailuku and Kahului. He is developing a DJ business and has one regular job every Monday at Napili Point condominiums for their Mai Tai Party. He plans on sailing Peace and Aloha until he wants to do something else. He has a few girlfriends but no regulars as of this time.

Julie: 19 (Mate) Julie is a freshman at the University of Colorado majoring in Biology. She plans on sailing Peace and Aloha during her vacations and school breaks. She has acquired many friends at CU and desires to maintain her momentum there. Her interests include surfing and skimming here in Maui and snow boarding in Colorado. She is presently taking an astronomy course which will be helpful for learning celestial navigation.

Ellen: (Co-Captain) Ellen is the only member of this crew who has a history of being seasick (Tahiti). Ellen is presently relearning French so she can interpret for the crew in many of the places we will visit. She has an intense interest in traveling to the many unusual places accessible by sail boat and intends to take many opportunities to do land excursions at the various ports of call on this adventure. Ellen's interests include all the ocean sports available on Maui and Parrots. She has had as many as fifty parrots and is now down to only three African Grey parrots. Placing these birds with families before leaving Maui in May is her main concern.

David: (Captain) David has been studying and making plans for this adventure for the past two years. He recently completed a 100 ton Master/Mate Coast Guard license course and intends to obtain his Captain's license in Florida next November. He also obtained a general class amateur radio license (KH7JL) that will be useful in communicating with other Hams around the world. David has an interest in all of the ocean sports but only participates in the less demanding activities. David's main interest besides seeing the unusual places and people around the world is to navigate and acquire seamanship skills.

January 1, 2003 Up Date

Eric: Eric graduated from the University of Colorado with a BS degree in mechanical engineering at the beginning of our adventure. He has become the most essential crew member and has acquired immense skills during the past three and a half year of sailing. His future plans are uncertain at this time but he does enjoy the adventure and will continue on around the world.

Jason: Jason has become a very useful crew member and has picked up many skills which are needed on his watches. His watch is from 12 midnight to 2 PM and he has successfully piloted the boat while everyone else is asleep below. His is still "mixing" for his main enjoyment and has a good setup on board.

Ellen: Ellen has also come a long way towards learning to sail and to be effective on watches. She continues to suffer from sea sickness and it is a tribute to her persistence that she continues to enjoy the many passages along our travels.

Julie: Julie has recently married Chris Johnson whom she met as a freshmen at the University of Colorado. She is happily married now and is finishing her degree in Biology with graduation scheduled for May 9, 2003. It has been ten years of out of state tuition for David and Ellen with Eric and Julie at the University of Colorado and it will be great to be finished with this privilege.

David: David has also learned much towards an understanding of dealing with inconvenience and impatience with all the boat stuff one has to deal with on an adventure like this. There has been great personal growth for all of the crew and David's experience is no exception. The immediate future is to cope with the stresses of Southeast Asia and the Red Sea as we proceed to the Mediterranean.

October 13, 2003 Update

Julie: Julie and Chris are expecting the arrival of their first child in early March 2004. It will the first grandchild in the family and everyone is very excited about this great milestone in life. Julie graduated with a degree in biology in May of 2003 and started full tiime work for the University of Colorado in a biological research lab. Julie and Chris also purchased their first home in Evergreen Colorado which will have everything a new baby, a black lab and two parrots could want.