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January 1, 2002 ~ January 31, 2002

January 31, 2002

Happy 59th Anniversary, Mom and Dad Ernisse!!! That is quite an accomplishment! Congratulations!

This website is mostly for our adventures aboard *Peace and Aloha,* so we will generalize the activities of us all on Maui. Jason and Eric did an excellent job, and C21 is all painted and fixed up. The condo looks beautiful....Call Rod at Napili Point (1-800-669-6252) to book your reservations today!We spent many hours and days looking at real estate but did not make a purchase, except we did make a deposit on four acres in the new development in Olowalu. We shall see how it works out! We saw quite a few of our friends, but we missed others and we were sorry about that. Lack of time seems to be what controls our lives, both out here and when we are returning home for a visit. We enjoyed several days at our special beach.

January 23, 2002

We left Ft. Lauderdale, Florida two years ago to begin our circum-navigation! We are almost half-way around!

January 22, 2002

Happy Birthday, Dad Brooks!!! It is a BIG one at 85!!! We really wish that we could have been there to celebrate and eat cake and ice cream....and watch you blow out ALL those candles! We wish you many many more happy years!

January 14, 2002

We were both up very early and met in Chicago airport, where we flew to Los Angeles and then on to Maui on United #39, where Eric picked us up in the truck at 7:33pm. We both crashed into bed at 10pm at C21 Napili Point...VERY HAPPY to be back home on Maui again, after two and half years!!

January 9, 2002

We were up again at 5am and Julie and Chris took us to the airport (Thank heavens! NO snow!). David flew to Houston and then to Ft. Myers, Florida to visit with his parents and I flew directly to Cincinnati, Ohio to visit with my Dad. We were both able to visit with our parents and a few friends (Tuck, Joannie and Jill came over to see me) during these few days. It is just very hard to see your parents age and very difficult to know how to help them but we both tried!

January 8, 2002

We were up at 5:00am and Julie and Chris took the boys to the airport for their flight at 8:30am to Maui, where they arrived about 2:30pm (United #37 direct from Los Angeles) and Rod very nicely (Thank you, Rod!) picked them up and took them to Napili Point.

We continued to work on finding a location, since Cheryl at Eldora was not returning our calls. We think what happened was that they were not interested in renting the new larger lodge for the wedding...so the price finally came in very high. It just wasn't meant to be...but we were back to square one!!! No location! We visited the East Lake Recreation Center and really like the caterer there, but the Recreation Center had some major problems! It was also difficult to visualize all of these locations during July and August with leaves on the trees and green grass and HOT sunshine!! We checked out the Flagstaff House and the Amphitheater at the top of Flagstaff and then went to the Koenig Alumni Center at the University of Colorado. Unfortunately, the dates that we wanted were taken and one had a hold on it...it apparently meant nothing that David and I are members of the Alumni Association and we have seven degrees between us, not counting Julie's and Chris's!!!! We liked the Alumni Center the best of anything that we had seen.

I helped Julie try on her dress again with different petticoats (one borrowed from Amy)...looks just perfect. We had a quiet evening at home, going over last minute items for the wedding, and packing. I was just very concerned because we had not found THE location and was leaving everything for Julie to plan. I did call several wedding coordinators....who wanted $75/hr.....yea....right!!!!

January 7, 2002

We packed and washed during the morning and after lunch Julie gave us a tour of her workplace at the Behavioral Genetics Laboratory. We met many of the researchers and graduate students and she explained many of the experiments that they are doing there. Very interesting, especially for me. Apparently she really enjoys her work there and everyone seems to like her, too. Perfect! And they are giving her better jobs to do, rather than just washing dishes and cleaning out 100's of mice cages!!!

We drove by Celestial Seasonings (didn't like). Then Julie and I took the car through the automatic car wash (which shoots multi colored, bubble gum smelling wax at you!!!), since it was so terribly dirty from the melting snow. (This snow stuff is but a memory to this old brain!) The boys went to Westminister to purchase a new back up computer.

January 6, 2002

We visited with Kathy at her home in Westminister and made some decisions about all the flowers. We drove around Liongate (another location) and stopped at Costco for a few items. We had lunch at home and Chris joined us to travel up to Eldora, passing by the Alps and the Red Lion Inn. We spent alot of time in the different lodges at Eldora and finally decided on the new large lodge and finalized a menu. So, it appeared that we have picked the location. YEAH!!!

January 5, 2002

We had a nice call from Linda Soper in Jackson Hole...friends from Maui. It was great to talk with her after so many years! We all went to Lyonscrest to check out the location...a special house built especially for weddings. We liked it, but didn't like the price tag or the fact that we needed to use their caterer, which would increase the cost even more. We left Lyons and drove to Longmont to pick up Alina, who was visiting her sister. Alina has been a special friend of Julie's all through school on Maui and is attending school at Carneigie-Mellon in Pittsburgh. We stopped at Wok and Roll for lunch. Another chain which we were not familiar!!! Sometimes we feel like Rip Van Winkle!!! We then drove up to the mountains to check out: Robin's Nest, Crystal Rose, Boettcher Mansion, and Mt. Vernon Country Club....all seemed to have a problem...not exactly what we had in mind!

LeAnn drove up from Denver to see Eric, so we had a full house for dinner....everyone had alot of talking to do...fast...to cover the last three plus years!

January 4, 2002

We started on our quest for THE location....spent the morning on the telephone. In spite of the snow we went to inspect Chataugauga on the Hill, but were not impressed with the dark dining hall and the lack of privacy for having the wedding ceremony on the grass below the Flatirons, (which do provide an absolutely beautiful backdrop for photos) along with all the frisbie throwers, ball games, dog walkers and picnics!!!

We enjoyed two pizzas from the Sink which Chris picked up after work, so no one had to cook! The Sink is quite an institution...been there on the Hill forever (it was even there in the Dark Ages when we were in school!), making excellent pizzas and sink burgers...and dishing out beers for Friday Afternoon Club! Being in Boulder around campus definitely makes us feel younger!

January 3. 2002

Mom and Dad Brooks were married 60 years ago today in Massachusetts! Happy Anniversary, Dad!

Julie had to go into work at the Behavioral Genetics Lab on campus, so I visited with Shirley Wichern when she arrived about 10am with her huge bag full of all her preparations for her daughter, Amy's wedding in Denver four years ago!!! She was a wealth of information and has told Julie to please call her for stuff, since I am not there and available for counsel!!! We had lunch at the apartment and then we drove to Denver to see Amy, Dale, and their two children: Rachel and Josh! We had a lovely visit with all of them...Rachel gave us a complete tour of their new home and then we were allowed to play in her marching band! However, she made it very clear that Miss Julie was to follow her and NOT Grandma Shirley! Sadly we neededd to leave and drove over to visit Mrs. Wentworth, Shirley's Mom at her new apartment. She looks terrific....even though she hasa great deal of pain in her hip and is facing hip surgery, probably next month! We wish her well and free from pain and for her to be out an about playing golf and very active as before!

We girls had a wonderful day together! These are the memories of family and friends that we all cherish forever! Thanks, girls!

January 2, 2002

We had a quiet day washing, working on tickets to fly to Florida and Cincinnati and met Chris at the Wherehouse to finalize the men's tuxes. David, Jason, Eric and Chris were all measured and choices made about their tuxes, paid for in full, just need to pick them up the day before the wedding! One job finished! Although the other men in the wedding party need to do the same!

January 1, 2002

Eric, Chris and Julie went snowboarding at Keystone since it was snowing. They had a great day while we just stayed around the house - working on wedding files, reading wedding books and magazines, working on administratiion and mail and took Nalu for walks to the park!